Educational issues and standardized testing policies

Educational issues and standardized testing policies

Not long ago, there was an interesting piece in Newsweek on real-world education compared with the rest of the world. The article was written by Robert Samuelson, and he touched on some very interesting items. Unnamed: Unnamed: If we divide ESL Latin test results and the low-African American test results, then US test results test when it goes against Europe, Canada, etc., actually out the same or better. And if we take the Asian American students and put them against China, Japan, South Korea, etc., theyll be right in the same ballpark.

Now you can follow my comments, I really hope you will read this article in Newsweek; Another View of Educational Dilemma by Robert Samuelson. Come back to my article here and lets get an honest and open discussion without the political correctness we will; Act? And when youre on it, read the article; Why Chinese Moms Are Superior by Amy Chua published in the Wall Street Journal on 8-9 January 2011.

Okay, Robert Samuelson said some things that are not politically correct, and its sure to cause motion, but of course hes right, we know hes right - its observable. It can not be observable individually, but percentage wise makes it really perfect meaning. Nevertheless, I have some points of doubt. Unnamed: I do not know that the United States would be anything but number 1 in everything!

So even though we divide all ESL Kids, and Black Kids from the survey, our non-Spanish or Anglos is not number 1 according to his article and data references and they should be! But in view of the investigations mentioned - I do not trust any research conducted by OCED, or come from Belgium or Paris, I do not trust such surveys.

Why you ask, I think its my opinion that the French can not even win their own bicycle competition and are busy selling military assets representing NATO to Russias strength - so Im not sure I think or really care what they have to say. I often feel like they would say something to lay in front of the United States and themselves on podiums and pedestals.

Now I would hate to see No Child Left After to become a No Children Allowed to Advance mandate for the children who excels for whatever reason, whether its genetic expression, positive family roles or pure will. Each individual child is distinguished on various occasions in his physiological and mental development in different fields of mathematics, abstract thinking, reading and creativity. When ready and getting exclusive, let them lose that niche, express themselves and go forward as they can help them find their niche and succeed.

In fact, these skills will be transferred to all other areas of their development. Success is similar in all areas of human endeavor, keeping back them is bad, its like putting a child in a room with just empty walls.

Lets talk about the WSJ article about Chinese mothers, I think thats correct, and Asian families are driving their children harder, not just to be in the top grade of the class, but to be the best in every class. That seems to me so American in thought, why are not white angel parents who do the same, or Spanish or black parents? You see, theres nothing wrong to be number one.

In fact, I was talking to a teacher from North Las Vegas many years back and she was new, loved her job and went to each student home to meet the parents and she could tell which children would be distinguished and who would have trouble reading based on the number of books and newspapers that lie and the number of bookshelves in the home.

Shes right, its real world too, and maybe thats why Im not surprised at anything in the Newsweek article. The only question is what to do about it? It seems that the policy behind the academy is often denied, and political correctness, trial, politicians, parents and unions have all claims that are unfortunately counter-productive to simple solutions. Think about all this.

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